This massage technique is beneficial for women who have experienced a C-section birth, a hysterectomy or abdominal surgery.  

 This therapy focuses on the body as a whole, not solely on the scar.

​Scar immersion encourages mobility between the layers of skin and the muscle and fascia. This type of treatment can help to improve mobility while loosening and releasing tight scar tissue. This often results in an improved range of motion, which can help restore core function and reduce discomfort. It is suitable for those who have recently given birth via caesarean section, had abdominoplasty, hysterectomy or other abdominal surgeries as long as the scar has healed and those whose surgery was long ago. The benefits of scar immersion may be time-sensitive; however, patients can experience noticeable improvements after just one session, regardless of how old the scar is.

Do any of these apply to you?

If you answered yes to one or more questions above, then don’t hesitate to contact me and find out if this treatment would be beneficial to you or not. 

C-Section therapy in details:

What to expect

During your first C-Section Scar Release session, Terézia our expert therapist will

Low Transverse Incision

Since Terézia has a holistic approach to postpartum recovery, she not only focuses on your abdominal scar but also your overall health and strength.

Follow up treatments will depend on your healing journey which will be discussed during the treatment session.